These Personal Blessings... are Traditions reminiscent of bygone years… and are designed to honor all those special events and passages in your life… as a woman… conveniently delivered to you… in your in-box… as an easy to follow e-course… for you to create at home.

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Pregnancy Blessing
Baby Blessing
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Leaving childhood behind and starting the journey of her monthly cycle can be a scary and uncertain time for a young lady… and this nurturing e-course will show you how to plan and celebrate… in an intimate circle of your trusted women friends… a celebration that will focus on the positive and empowering side of this great and natural change in a young lady's life. Complete e-course delivered to your in-box $25.00


Pregnancy is one of the most special and wonderful life events and milestone passages you will ever experience as a woman… and this Pregnancy Blessing will help you cherish this beautiful moment forever. E-course comes with nurturing and easy to follow instructions for you to hold for yourself… or to create a friend gathering celebration… allowing your women friends to share in your joy. Complete e-course delivered to your email in-box $25.00


A Baby Blessing is a wonderful and unique time honored tradition that celebrations and welcomes your new baby to the family… to your community… to society and to the world. This special Baby Blessing acknowledges and honors your baby… as the gift that your child truly is. E-course comes with complete easy to follow instructions… to hold yourself or include family and friends… as well as a written document declaring your baby has been blessed that you can cut out and frame. Complete e-course delivered to your email in-box $25.00


Your home is you and your family's special sanctuary... your retreat from the world… and it is important that you create a safe... harmonious refuge for all who reside within its walls. Our lovely, easy to follow e-course will show you how... to create the positive qualities you and your family want and deserve… as well as instruct you how to bless your home with positive and loving energies. E-course comes with interesting facts on the history of Home Blessings... a complete Home Blessing celebration for you to create... and a written declaration that your home has been blessed, that you can cut out and frame. Complete e-course delivered to your in-box $25.00.


Are you a woman like me who loves the handcrafted... romantic... old-fashioned… traditional ways of daily living... and who loves to celebrate special festivities and celebrations in this same fashion? But perhaps you do not quite know how to plan and give certain milestone celebrations this way?

Here at Feminine Living Traditions... For Your Home... Hearth... and Heart… our passion and expertise since 1999 is honoring and keeping alive... the grace of time honored traditions… and nostalgic remnants of the past... but that still resonates and embraces the modern times we live in. Including milestone events worthy of special and memorable celebrations.

Our consultations… focus on some of the most requested celebrations that include HERBAL BRIDAL SHOWERS and BIRTHDATY RITE OF PASSAGE... those once in a lifetime birthday years… turning 30... 40... 50... or 60... or any rite of passage decade birthday.

Your consultation will include personal one-on-one advice… and detailed guidance... via Skype or phone… plus complete... easy to follow... written instructions sent to your in-box... on how to create and plan... simple but lovely… handcrafted and elegant... Herbal Bridal Showers or a milestone Birthday Rite of Passage celebration... that will be affordable for you... focuses on your own creativity and personal inspiration... and will fulfill your emotional needs... and nurture your feminine spirit... something that commercial or mass produced parties cannot do.